Thursday, June 6, 2013

♥ 10 minute Craft Dash ♥

happy summer!  oh how happy summer!
i am enjoying every moment with the kids, it's a blessing.  basketball camps, hiking, kayaking, ropes
course, bike riding, trampoline contests and sprinklers, it's a whirlwind, but it's AWESOME!  i love every second of it with the kids.  and don't forget the otter pops, i see them and think of summer's past, small things with big memories right?

on a crafty side, i was blog-surfing some of my favorite blogs and one of my friends, Amy Tsuruta,
had posted a fun challenge from 10 Minute Craft Dash : create a card with the colors red, light yellow and light blue in LESS than 10 TIMED minutes.  i HAD to take the challenge, i've never heard of this and never actually timed myself, this was FUN

and you can see Amy's awesome take on the challenge HERE

here is the card i was able to come up with using the My Mind's Eye Sunny Side collection which i thought would be perfect palette for the color challenge

Party Time Card

 i create pretty quickly once i pick a line or color scheme, so i thought this would be very easy, though i've never timed myself and how long it actually takes me to craft a card.  i will confess that this WAS a challenge.  i love to stitch on my cards and so running back to the other office and still having time to adhere everything together was a wee bit tricky, but thankfully i had minimal amounts of time to spare as you'll see on my phone.

i am thankful for these SRM stickers too, made creating the sentiment VERY quick and easy, and that's exactly what i needed, giggle.

so, i hope you'll check out the fun challenge and Amy's fun card♥

and, while i had this line out for this challenge, i decided to create a NON 10 minute card using my scraps...giggle

 Be Happy card

 i absolutely LOVE this brad, and haven't brought myself to use it until now, but it was the perfect center for the flower, love it!

and what would a post be without a Christmas card?  not staying on schedule...that's what that would be, ha ha ha, not this girl, not this year, i'm a determined mama and actually having MORE fun creating my cards because it's focusing on a little at a time, i'm a little surprised.  i didn't think i would get in the mood, but since it's only one card at a time, it's fun to focus on design or cute embellies and not the stress of it all.

happy holidays card

on this card, i punched a circles and adhered the circle INSIDE of the circle so when you open it, you see the Street Sign inside the card.  this still keeps the card flat/mailable, but allows for a little dimension with the cut-out.

 thank you so much for your visits and incredibly sweet notes, they always make my day!
hugs & so much love!


  1. yahooooooooooo Danni! I'm so glad that you joined in the fun and your under 10 minute card is FABulous! wow!!!!! LOVE what you did!

    .....and I absolutely adore your non 10 minute cards too :)

  2. Look at all of these fun cards!

  3. All of these cards are great. Love the one with your scraps form 10 minute Dash

  4. What a fabulous selection of cards; they are absolutely darling! Good thing I don't have to select a favourite, because they are all charming! I'll definitely be back to your site - plenty of creativity and talent showcased here! Wonderful!!

  5. Yayyyyyy for the 10 minute dash!! LOVING all your cards!!! GORGEOUS colors and designs!!!

  6. such a fun post.. I can't believe you had time to sew on your card.. it looks fabulous.. totally love it..

    1. thank you everyone! The stitching is really quick for me BUT tying twine was a completely different story, I almost didn't have enough time to glue my card front to my card. I have to share that I stitch on almost every card but I have to challenge myself to use twine or ribbons because it takes me so long to decide and then tie.... Giggle, twine-challenged here

  7. I love that you were able to create that adorable card in 10 minutes, way better than anything I would've come up with!! I also love that you have started your holiday cards, that reindeer is so cute!

  8. Danni, oh my goodness, I didn't realize you had started a new blog. I was a huge fan of yours before- so happy that you heard about my challenge and decided to participate! Love your Craft dash card- especially with all of that beautiful stitching.

    Thank you for playing along in the 10 Minute Craft Dash. I hope you'll be able to join again soon!

    1. waving hello paulina! thank you so much for your sweet note, this was a lot of fun and i hope to play regularly♥

  9. Danni, you did an amazing job with those 3 cards, I love to stitched in my cards too but I was a little bit unsure if I can do it in 10min lol.
    I'm doing christmas cards too because I never make enough in time.

    1. thank you so much andrea, i hope you are posting your Christmas cards too, will have to check them out♥

  10. wow -that's awesome for under 10 minutes! I don't think I would make it if I tried to sew.
    The non-10 minute card is fantastic, too.
    Thanks for joining us at the 10 Minute Craft Dash! I hope you'll play along with us again :)

  11. Love your 10-minute card! the paper you chose is perfect for the colour challenge, and the colour-blocking and stitching make it look so finished. Love the enamel dots, too. You're a natural at this 10-minute thing! Thanks for your kind words on my blog, too.

  12. thank you everyone, this was so fun! i look forward to more with everyone!

  13. FABULOUS card Danni - fantastic effort in 10 Minutes!!!
    So glad you joined in the fun at the 10 Minute Crafts Dash - hope to see you again soon :)

  14. Great cards, Danni! I'm so impressed that you could sew on your card within the time limit!


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